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Aquabat Aqua Fisher 550

Aquabat Aqua Fisher 550 Inclusief: Shaft 360°, gas extractor, bow and roar cleats, full cushions set, self cleaning filter, anchor lockers at bow and stern, anchor peack, female eye-bolt in anchor compartment, side ventilation grills, navigation lights, bowplate, panel understeer, sliding windscreen, lockable cabin door, pulpit bow in steel, control panel, tablets stern, stern handgrip…
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Aquabat Aquafish 460

Aquabat Aquafish 460 Aquabat 460 is loved from the most demanding fishermen. The design innovations have allowed to use the interior spaces without touching the modern, compact and aggressive style. Inclusief: shaft 360°, anchor lockers at bow and stern, bow and roar cleats, central pilot console, full cushions set, anchor lockers at bow and stern,…
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Aquabat Aquafish 550

Aquabat Aquafish 550 Aquafish 550 is designed for fishing, with a spartan forniture and a large carrying and transport capacity with a minimum draft; this boat is well suited also for the rivers, becoming the best boat even for the most demanding fishermen. Among the various technical curiosities of this boat, from the compact, aggressive…
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